Chabad’s Global Presence: the Shluchim-Emissaries

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the final Chabad Rebbe, left an everlasting contribution to world Jewry: the over 3,300 Chabad centers that have been established in more than 65 countries. What is even more incredible is that approximately every ten days a new Chabad center opens. These Chabad centers are run by Chabad emissaries, or shluchim—a husband and wife team who are dedicated to the spiritual and material needs of the entire Jewish community which they serve whether they are in New York, Israel, Germany, Brazil, Vietnam or on a college campus.

Each Chabad center provides different services depending on the needs of the individuals and the community it serves. Generally, however, a Chabad house offers Torah classes, lectures, Shabbat meals, social gatherings, religious services, holiday and special events, as well as volunteer services for those in need. Notably, and in contrast to many other institutions, participating in Chabad house services are free and many other events are typically free of charge as well.